The Coinage of Ephesus


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1. Gods, heroes, and personifications at Ephesus
2. The bee and the deer
3. A history of Ephesus from coins: the Greek state

- 3.1 Introduction
- 3.2 The Earliest Coins at Ephesus
- 3.3 Ephesus and the Persian Empire
- 3.4 Alexander and his successors at Ephesus

4. A history of Ephesus from coins: the Roman province

- 4.1 From Julius Caesar to the end of the Republic
- 4.2 The Julio-Claudian emperors
- 4.3 The Flavians to the successors of Hadrian
- 4.4 The Severans to Severus Alexander
- 4.5 Ephesus under the ‘soldier emperors’

5. A gallery of ruling women from Ephesus
6. Ephesus and its neighbours
7. Ephesus and Rome, Greek and Latin
8. The image of Artemis at Ephesus
9. The Temple of Artemis, a wonder of the world
10. Ephesus as temple-warden